Friends With Benefits

by Stokin' The Neighbors and Uncle Spudd

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released October 24, 2015

recorded and edited by Garrett Finlay
album photo by Vic Robinson



all rights reserved


Stokin' The Neighbors Portland, Maine

three-piece skate/pop-punk band from Maine; here to ruin your life.

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Track Name: Stokin' The Neighbors - Americunt
A nation full of corporate greed
A media full of lies it seems
Feeding us full of bullshit and tainted meat.

Filling us full of nasty shit
lSD and cow vomit
How do you even sleep at night?
You believe the world's better with GMOs
From companies like monsanto
If you ask me it makes me fucking sick

Who even runs this country?
Figured head for president while CEOs get rich (x2)

Republicans afraid of men taking it in the ass
But suck a lobbyist dick without a question asked
Democrats aren’t any better
Giving cash to my cracked out fucking neighbor

Francis Scott Key got it wrong:
Land of the business man
Home of the rich
I cant afford to eat this McDonalds shit
But one question still remains

Who even runs this country?
Who even runs this Americunt?
Track Name: Stokin' The Neighbors - The Thread
They say it's called the thread
and you, through life, it will lead.
So we can rest our weary heads
and follow blissfully.

Pulling me down-
A body, no more mine, gets dragged around by this leash.
I haven't found myself.
This thread; my bondage.
The way it is - isn't for me.

I think I'd rather just be lost,
wandering and still wondering,
than drawn along by this thread.
I'll choose: my own pace, where I tread.
Pluck, haul this thread with me.

Pulling me down- no more.
I won't let my body be restrained by this leash.
I have found out.
I'll drag whatever hand holds this thread. Walk reality.
Track Name: Stokin' The Neighbors - Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions may apply. After all,

It's the 21st century and we subsist in a world of extremists; fanatic, apathetic (you should never just be either, but a bit of both or neither one would be permissible).

When one's more apt to like and follow life than seek accomplishment out for oneself- how do you find identity- how do you know who you are?

That must be what makes it so easy to not care when our privacy is compromised. We already hand it away willingly- I should say enthusiastically- in ribboned parcels of ego-centric status updates, ostentatious selfies, and haphazard gasconade.
We don't even know what it is we're giving away.

We disregard the threat swarming above us.
Too busy primping for a night of tindering/fapping
to be bothered by wasps stinging with intrusion, eyes in paintings moving, or tapped phone calls home to grandma.

An arduous task; having a conscience in a world of me-first approval seekers, stop at nothing opportunity takers, and the end justifies the means personalities. Nobody wants to care that big brother and any others with power (money) can view/sell/trade/kill us- without looking in our eyes.

But I offer resolution: seek approval from within,
nurture an identity, expand your mind by asking questions.
Make yourself susceptible to feelings of empathy, and
seek alternatives that don't hide intentions, terms & conditions.

Let's take back the wires/ Take back the sky/ Take back our lives.